About Hayabusa Fightwear

Highly regarded amongst the martial arts community as the gold standard in high-performance MMA equipment and apparel, Hayabusa is a brand that is trusted by elite athletes around the world.


Hayabusa – The True Spirit of a Fighter

The name “Hayabusa”, translated from Japanese, refers to the Peregrine Falcon. This predatory falcon possesses the perfect fusion of speed, power and strength and is recognised for its extraordinary ability to strike with fierce precision and intensity. The Hayabusa falcon symbolises the ideal meshing of what fighters strive to achieve in their relentless pursuit of combat supremacy. So at its very essence, Hayabusa embodies the true spirit of a fighter.


Scientifically Advanced for Unmatched Performance

With performance equipment and apparel driven by innovation, advanced technologies and sophisticated designs, it is clear Hayabusa is committed to creating the very best MMA products imaginable. Each and every one of their products undergoes rigorous planning; development and testing procedures to ensure designs are perfected. For starters, Hayabusa’s Research and Development

team spend countless hours in the engineering stages working closely with their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to develop the initial prototypes for testing. Once the research team completes the development of a prototype that they believe, achieves all the specifications outlined, Hayabusa then works with top MMA pros – subjecting every piece of gear to the most rigorous and thorough testing procedures until they are completely satisfied that the product is technically superior in every aspect of performance. Once the Research and Development team approves of the finalised product, it is released to the public for sale. This ensures the products Hayabusa launches are absolutely flawless and truly are the most advanced MMA products.


Unwavering Commitment to Quality

What further distinguishes Hayabusa as the pinnacle of MMA performance is the company’s unwillingness to compromise when it comes to quality and durability. They use only the very best material in all their products. From the finest leathers to the highest- grade fabrics, you’ll be hard pressed to find another company that shares the same commitment to excellence. In this day and age, it seems as though a ton of companies are trying to cash in on the MMA explosion. The result is a market saturated with low-quality equipment and apparel. Even worse, some of the inferior fighting equipment on the market can result in injuries due to their poor design.


“Committed to Creating the Most Cutting-Edge MMA Products”

When you put your body on the line every day during training, you want to be confident that your gear will provide the best performance and protection possible. There is no question that Hayabusa’s vast array of superior quality products reflects this. Simply put, this company is first-class when it comes to developing exceptional products. Thanks to Hayabusa and their success in creating the most advanced MMA line, they are helping to engineer better fighters – taking fight performance to new heights.


Wear with Pride. Wear Hayabusa

The next time you look for new MMA equipment or apparel, choose a company that has built a reputation on superior quality and peak performance. Choose a company whose unique designs embody the true warrior spirit. Choose Hayabusa. The truth is once you’ve tried a Hayabusa product for yourself; you’ll understand what all the hype is about. You’ll feel proud that you have put your trust in the world leader in high performance MMA. And deep down, you’ll understand why Hayabusa embodies the true spirit of a fighter.