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At Hayabusa, we are always looking for new ways to excite our customers. Every time we bring out a new product that you guys love we start to think about how we can improve it for next time but with our training equipment range, we are a bit stuck. The current range consists of our Ryoko bags, Pro Training Series 3 pads, handwraps and our new steel armoured groin protection but we don't know how we can improve it anymore.

We decided to to go with a dark colourway when we were redesigning our latest products and that's pretty evident from the current range. Our Ryoko bags come in three options, backpack, duffle and mesh. Each has its own benefits and features, the backpack comes with all the standards that you would expect from any pack like the main compartment and a water bottle holder but we've added a few extras just for our customers. A laptop pocket, to keep your computer safe if you need to take it anywhere with you. A phone holder to keep it protected and out of sign while you are training and a glove compartment to keep all the main content of your bag sweat free after you train. The Ryoko Mesh Gear Bag is our most popular option, it is slightly cheaper than the other two we sell and offers a lot more space. If you don't mind all of your gear being together in one section then this is the bag for you. Acres of space that will allow you to fit everything you need in this bag.

The Pro Series Training range or PTS3 is the best were ever brought out. We believe they are the best looking and performing pads on the market and we hope you will agree as well. The series consists of a Thai pad, Focus Mitts and a Micro Focus Mitt version as well. A basic but sleek design accompanied by the finest materials makes for the best training equipment on the market.

Our handwraps are built for high-performance, so we picked an innovative material that will conform to your hand and help to align it with your wrist. The main goal at Hayabusa is to provide our customers with the best good and make sure you are satisfied with every order. That is why we have improved our wraps and increased the length of the hook & loop closure system by over 70%. We learnt from our last handwraps and improved them so you can get the best out of your training. Also, we may be biased but I believe these are the best-looking handwraps available.

Finally, we have two protective cups on offer, an Exoforged protective cup and a Steel Armoured version. The Exoforged cup was our first ever attempt and we were pretty successful, everyone seemed to enjoy it but there was something missing. So after hundreds of hours of research, trial and error and Q&A with real fighters we finally came up with the Armoured cup. Indestructible and unmatched fit. Really the only option if you want to feel 100% sate while training and not have to worry about a low shot.