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Hayabusa strives to influence athletes around the world to engage in combat sports to live healthier and stronger lives. We try to accomplish this by engineering the highest quality and most innovative mma products.

Hayabusa is the Japanese word, for the Peregrine Falcon. This has remained an inspiration of our company. The Peregrine is the fastest, deadliest and most agile bird of prey in the world. We have developed a reputation for scrutinising the smallest pieces of data when performing scientific research studies and engaging with the community to cultivate superior products.

Our number one priority is to lift the bar for the entire combat sports industry, by improving the level of protection and quality, provided by the equipment we use every day. We accomplish this by disputing the status quo. We delve deep into each component of a product, and ask ourselves, "how can we make this better?" That's what Hayabusa Fightwear stands for.