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Range of sparring, bag and mma gloves

Hayabusa is the only brand, with dual wrist support for our gloves. This patented design allows us to provide you with the best possible hand and wrist protection on the market, allowing you to train harder and for longer.

We sell a wide range of mma and boxing gloves, such as boxing bag gloves, sparing and mixed martial arts gloves. Our bag and sparring gloves range in sizes from 10oz to 16oz, allowing you to pick the perfect glove to get the most out of your training session.

Our gloves come in two different materials: vegan leather and real leather. The gloves are available in a full range of colours, from black to purple. All of our top quality boxing gloves have an embedded super soft thumb. This aspect allows you to, quickly wipe away any sweat, allowing you to fully focus on your session.

Included with the dual wrist support, is a 4-way built-in splint on the back of the glove. This subtle feature is concealed, but it's helping keep your hand and wrist aligned to prevent any possible injuries.

Our boxing equipment range includes smaller gloves such as 4oz mma gloves and 7oz hybrid gloves, they both include the same dual wrist support. The former glove is engineered specifically for sparring and MMA.
The 7oz mitt glove is unique as it incorporates the 4oz and larger gloves. The hybrid glove is great for any training, whether on a punch bag, sparring with a partner or just grappling. This is due to extra padding which will minimise injury when compared to the 4oz gloves.

To set ourselves apart from the competition, we have focused on quality and protection. Our gloves will outlast other brands, while offering a high level of protection. These features allow you to be confident that this glove will be the only item you will need in your arsenal.

In addition to our gloves range, we also sell hand wraps and training pads.