Hayabusa Double End Heavy Bag Anchor

Anchor your training bag in minutes.

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Anchor your training bag in minutes. The Hayabusa Double End Heavy Bag Anchor fastens to any punching bag to provide maximum stabilization; you only need water or sand. Its large bladder holds up to 25kgs of water, the perfect weight to anchor a double end bag or prevent your heavy bag from swaying. Constructed from heavy-duty canvas fabric, with reinforced nylon webbing and a sturdy triangular D-ring on top to distribute tension effectively.

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  • Provides an anchored base for all training bags to maximise stabilisation.
  • Perfect for double end bags and heavy punching bags.
  • Heavy-duty canvas exterior is constructed to resist wear and tear.
  • Thick bladder with twist cap holds up to 25kgs of water (ships unfilled).
  • Reinforced nylon webbing secures steel triangular D-ring in place.
  • Can be filled with sand instead to increase weight.


  • Ships unfilled.
  • Dimensions: 50.8cm in diameter and 12.7cm in height.
  • Materials: Polyester/cotton canvas exterior with reinforced nylon webbing & a steel D-ring.
  • Water tank: PVC bladder holds 25kgs of water.

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