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The newest addition to our glove range is the S4 line. We wanted to offer something that would be suitable for everyone, beginners and experts alike. And that's exactly what we have created here. Like most of our products, we designed the S4 with simplicity in mind. Clean colours with a simple design. The gloves are available in four main colours, Charcoal, White, Purple and Pink, with more on the way very shortly. Finished off with the Hayabusa logo and two black stripes going across the glove.

Like all Hayabusa products, we didn't stop there though. We added the much-loved sweat thumb, from our T3 gloves, perfect for getting any sweat away while you are training and a built-in single splint system for proper wrist alignment for extra support. We also decided to include a free pair of hand wraps and a wash bag for the wraps as well so that you can start your training straight away.