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A place to find all of your favourite items together. We decided to make it easier for our customer to look at our most popular products all in one place so we created the Product Series page. Here you will find the most popular items like the T3 Series, so all of the T3 Gloves with the dual strap, Shinguards, Headguards, 4oz and 7oz Gloves. The Kanpeki Series, which has all of the same products available as the T3 but every item is made from 100% grain leather. This gives Kanpeki an old style Boxing glove look and that's why it has become our most popular seller today.

The newest addition to our range is the S4 Gloves. We wanted something that people who are just getting into the martial arts scene could appreciate so we spent a lot of time designing the S4 range. It needed to be cheaper than the T3 gloves but still provide the maximum protection Hayabusa is known for. So we removed the dual strap and added a splint to the wrist which helps to keep your wrist straight while punching. Something was still missing though, so after some thought and consideration, we finally reached a conclusion. Everyone who buys a pair of S4 Boxing Gloves will receive a free set of handwraps and a wash bag for them. And just as we had hoped the S4 range has been a massive success, so much so that we sold out of the entire grey colourway in just two and a half months. Don't worry though more is on the way and we won't be selling out of these gloves again anytime soon.

Last but not least, the Goorudo4 or Warrior Gi. After the massive success of the Goorudo 3 Gi, we had no choice but to bring out another model but with an updated look. We could never have predicted how popular our navy Gi was going to be and we were shocked to find out it has outsold the black version. One the design of this Gi was complete it wasn't hard to get everything in motion, such few returns of the Goorudo 3 meant we were doing something right, so we stayed with the same factory, kept the sizing the exact same and even the colour of the material. And what a great decision that was, now our most popular Gi to date and apart from the odd wrong size bought we have not had a single return because of an issue with the Gi. Let's just say we will be keeping this Gi in stock for a long time to come.