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At Hayabusa, we try to cater to every martial art that's why we have such a wide range of apparel. Our Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Gi's come into three main categories. We have Gold Weave, which is our heaviest model, Lightweight which is for people who prefer a lighter Gi so they can move around easier and finally, Ultra-Lightweight. This Gi is designed to be as light as possible while still giving you the strength required to withstand years of training.

The Team has thought of everything when it comes to our Shorts. We have BJJ and Grappling Shorts, Kickboxing Shorts, Muay Thai Shorts and even Lightweight Shorts for general fitness. We have ranked BJJ shorts which also match with our rashguards to complete the look, these are a slightly cheaper option available on our website. The other popular martial arts shorts that we sell are the Mizuchi 2.0, Hexagon and Chikara 4. These shorts can be used for any discipline of your choice. Then we have Muay Thai and Kickboxing shorts, both come without any velcro, only a stretch waistband and some strings for maximum comfort. With so many options and colours to choose from you'll be stuck for choice.

We are not a fan of the crazy designs here at Hayabusa so we decided to keep it simple with the rashguards and kept the designs simplistic yet elegant. We have coloured ranked rashguards so everyone will know what belt you are while training No-Gi and we also have the latest addition, our Odor resistant rashguards which also has a very sleek design is available in four colours and will keep the smell away while you are training. Finally, our Haburi range which we kept very basis with an all-black colourway is one of the most popular rashguards we sell. It comes in at a slightly cheaper price than some of our other models but still performs just as well.

Finally, our Brazillian Jiu Jitsu belts help to finish the look of our Gi's. A necessary purchase for anyone who trains Gi.