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We have so many Gi's to choose from you'll be stuck for choice. We wanted to offer something for everyone so we made sure that what we did. We currently stock three main Gi's, a heavyweight option or Goorudo as we call it. This Gi is a lot thicker than any of the others that we sell and you'll feel this as soon as you put it on. Better for defending chokes as the material is thicker and harder to grab but slightly harder to move in as it's heavier but that's expected with a thicker Gi. We do have a new Goorudo range available now as well, the Warrior or Goorudo 4, we wanted to new and updated design and I have to admit we are very happy with the results.

Then we have our lightweight model, this is available in four main colour Black, Grey, White and Blue. Significantly lighter than the Goorudo, you will be able to move easier in this and faster so if your game is based around speed than this is the Gi for you. People may be able to grab you slightly easier but that will only make you want to improve how fast you move while rolling and better your overall game. We also have some temporary, limited edition Gi's available now. They come in three extra colour, Black/Gold, Stone White and Green, they have sold very well and once they are gone that's it.

Finally, we have a Pearl Weave Ultra-Light Jiu Jitsu Gi for Competitions. This has been built with some of the lightest Gi materials ever made. The Gi feels super light and flows with your every move, ideal for comps and you will want to be as light as possible. We have kept this design nice and simple with the only real markings the embroidery on your chest. If you like a plain Gi, this is perfect for you as we opted not to put any fancy designs all over and if you do like a Gi that's covered then go wild with the blank canvas and express yourself and get that gym patch stuck on the back. Hopefully, you will love our designs as much as we do and check back soon for any new releases.