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Hayabusa Fight shorts are one of the products we spend most of our time on because we need to make great shorts for every discipline. We currently have shorts for MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and even a general Workout and Crossfit option. Lots of our shorts have been designed with a lot of crossover between shorts in mind as well, so instead of having to buy a new pair of shorts for every sport you train you can, for example, grapple, train kickboxing and go to the gym in our new 2.0 Kickboxing shorts, and this is the same for most of our shorts. We realise not everyone enjoys the feel of velcro digging into them while training so over half of our shorts simply come with a stretch waistband and drawstrings on the inside, which is also great for those of you who pack on an extra bit of winter weight, as you won't have to go out and get a brand new pair of shorts when the others get a bit too tight. We also equipped our shorts with a silicone waistband, meaning they will grip to you while training and won't start falling down halfway through your session. And don't worry if you're a hairy guy as they won't start to pull at your hairs either. With so many great options and colours to pick from the only thing, you'll be stuck with is how many pairs to get. We always have new products coming out so make sure you check back soon to find out what available or sign up to our mailer so you don't miss out.