Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves - White

High-end hand protection. Premium full grain leather.

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Our brand new White Kanpeki Boxing gloves are handcrafted with only top of the range materials. They are made from 100% premium full-grain leather and are the most luxurious boxing gloves not just on the market, but that has ever existed. We spent years developing the perfect pair of Boxing gloves and the Kanpeki series is the crowing result. No aspect has been overlooked in the research, design or building phase and that why once you buy a pair of these gloves you'll never look back. As you have probably already realised these gloves are a little on the expensive side but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. And never has that phrase been so true, as it is with our White Kanpeki leather gloves.

They have been constructed to deliver the best performance whether you are training on a bag or sparring. This is because the gloves have been designed with a 4 layer foam structure like the type you would find in our T3 range. So if you have tried our other gloves and loved them, then you'll feel the same about our new White Kanpeki range. One of the things people love so much is the fact that these gloves don’t require any breaking-in. They will give you the exact same perfect protection from the first day you put them on until the last. So you will always be getting the best possible hand protection.

Again like the original Brown Kanpeki gloves, this range also comes with our patented DUAL-X closure system which provides a lace-like fit without any of the messing around. Imagine being able to get the support your lace Boxing gloves provide but you can put them on in seconds, that's exactly what we are offering here. Our Kanpeki gloves offer the best wrist support in class due to a combination of our Dual-X system and the 4 interlocking splints at the back of the hand. This helps to keep your hand and wrist straight and aligned, meaning you won't be able to throw a punch with a bend wrist and risk injuring yourself.

Even though these gloves do come in with a higher price tag they truly are perfect for everyone. Whether you've been training for years and know your sport inside out or you are just getting into the scene, our White Kanpeki Boxing gloves have been helping people improve their punches for almost 10 years and they will really help you as well. Our professional boxing gloves can be used for boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai and for either a heavy bag training or for sparring. They are great for everything and come available in 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.

Unfortunately, only the Brown Kanpeki range is part of a set at the moment. The gloves, however, are completely White and have the Hayabusa logo of the top and our name on the palm. You'd have to be mad not to love this design and we believe you will be getting the best looking gloves on the market. We may be biased though but the public is not and that's why we have been voted the best Boxing gloves of 2019, go check out the article on Men's Health to see for yourself.

All of our products are rich in features and these gloves are no exception.
• Firstly all of our Kanpeki gloves come with the patented Dual-X closure system. This design uses two straps which cross over each other to provide you with a lace-like fit without the hassle of tying them. As Hayabusa has a patent on this design it means we are the only brand in the world who can offer you this feature. So if you think wrist support is important you know who to come to. But we didn't stop there, we also built a splint into the back of the gloves. These 4 interlocking splints coupled with our Dual-X closure system delivered the best wrist support in class.

• Our gloves all come with 5 layers of foam to make sure you have the right protection. This structure doesn’t require any breaking in so you don't have to worry about training light to start off, you can just jump straight into your routine and not have to worry about your new gloves. Handcrafted with 100% leather the Kanpeki range has been designed to deliver the best performance for bag work and sparring, as it delivers superior crack, abrasion and tears resistance.

• All our gloves come with an antimicrobial lining technology, the purpose of this is to inhibits any bacteria growth, which helps prevent the cause of every boxer biggest headache with their gloves, the smell. The fact this can help to minimise odour means your gloves stay fresher for longer and you don't have to worry about replacing your gloves as often.

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