Hayabusa T3 Headguard - Black

Exceptional comfort and secure fit, designed to stay in place with every strike.

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The Hayabusa T3 Boxing and MMA Headgear is in a class of its own with a streamlined design that offers maximum protection without the added bulk. Its compact fit offers full coverage protection without sacrificing your ultra wide field of view. The patented dual strap closure system on the back provides a customisable, secure fit that minimises shifting so you can stay focused while you train.

• Compact design with full coverage protection.
• Dual strap closure provides a customisable non-shift fit.
• Open top and mesh ear coverings vent heat to keep you cool.
• Ultra soft lining feels smooth and comfortable.
• Handcrafted.

• Padding: Multi-layered technology foam.
• Closure: T-Cross™ dual-strap closure system.
• Outer Shell Material: Engineered leather (Vylar®)
• Lining: Ultra soft fabric.
• Best for: Beginner / intermediate / advanced.
• Other components: Vented mesh ear coverings & mouth guard hinge.