Hayabusa Symbiote Boxing Gloves

MARVEL® Hero Elite Series based on bestseller T3 Gloves. Limited Edition.

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Symbiotes are fearsome creatures that must bond with a host to survive. In exchange, symbiotes amplify their host’s abilities by granting them superhuman powers. With few weaknesses, it's almost impossible to reverse symbiosis. Our gloves represent the symbiotic transformation, enhancing your abilities by living within your gloves.

These gloves are based on our award-winning T3 gloves, giving you the wrist support, hand protection, & comfort / fit you deserve.

• Custom Symbiote design with intricate hero details.
• Dual-X interlocking wrist strap closure for a perfect fit.
• World-renowned splinted support for wrist alignment.
• Multi-layer technology foam composition for ultimate knuckle protection.
• Ultra soft temperature regulating lining keeps your hands cool.
• Unparalleled material & build quality.
• Hayabusa X Marvel certificate of authenticity.

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