Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite Handwraps - Symbiote

MARVEL® Hero Elite Series based on bestseller perfect stretch handwraps. Limited edition.

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Based on our Perfect Stretch Hand Wraps.

Featuring 10 unique Marvel comic book designs, these 180-inch Mexican style hand wraps are made with high-quality materials and the perfect amount of stretch. These wraps are comfortable, durable, and conform to your hands to add an essential layer of support and protection while training. Ideal for boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, & more.

• Length: 180-Inches
• Width: 2-Inches
• Closure: Low profile hook and loop
• Starter loop: Yes
• Best for: Boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, & more
• Materials: 42% polyester silk, 58% polyester thread
• Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Dryer Safe
• Packaging: Includes 2 hand wraps (one for each hand)

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