The new featured page has all the most important link for you our customers. You can see what's new in store, all of our best sellers and what items are on sale. We decided to add this so you can get the best experience possible on our website. All the latest products that you have been dying to get your hands on will be listed here and for our customers who don't keep as up to date as others on our news you can find out everything you've missed from here.

It can get tricky for anyone new to the martial arts world and you can get confused on what to get and even where to start. That's why we made this page. An easy to navigate, all in one place, that shows you what everyone else is buying. Want a pair of Gloves but don't know what size to get, check what works for everyone else and the most popular size people are getting. Let us help you by making it as easy as possible to get the right gear for your training.

And definitely our most popular page, Sale items. Everyone knows and recognises Hayabusa, we are a worldwide brand and with the introduction of our Marvel Range we have expanded past just martial arts experts and now normal people just like you want to find out what's so special about Hayabusa. We build the best equipment on the market and everyone knows it but with the best equipment comes a higher price tag and sometimes we can alienate normal people who just want to get started in this world. So we decided to create the Sale page which is a win-win. You get some items for cheaper and we get to sell off some old stock, allowing us to reinvest in new products and continue to bring you the very best like we have done for so long.