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Hayabusa Fightwear - The Full Range of Official Hayabusa Performance Equipment. Including; 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz Bag Gloves. Hayabusa is the only Brand in the world who have a dual wrist support glove, this patented design allows us to provide you with the best possible protection on the market and allows you to hit and train harder. The 4oz Sparring Gloves and 7oz Hybrid Gloves which have been specifically designed to allow you to switch between sparring and bag work while still giving you the ability to grab and practise moves, also comes with the dual wrist support making it a hit above the rest. Our Shin Guards have been specifically designer to allow you to use them for grappling and striking, they have enough manoeuvrability to allow you to move around while still giving you thick padding to train on heavy bags. The T3 Headguard is the pinnacle in the industry, designer and crafted through year of trail and error, this innovation will give you the maximum protect while not blocking your vision or effecting your movement. The adjustable straps allow us to sell a one size fits all as you be able to adjust it to your perfect size.