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Our Hayabusa T3 Striking Shinguards have been designed by fighters for fighters. Designed with the most up to date equipment, these Shinguards will let you hit harder and train for longer. Our Shinguards complete the look and match perfectly with our T3 Gloves and Headgaurds.

They have a dual hook and loop strap on the back which lets you set how tightly you want them and the silicone grip on the inside of the shin will help to reduce any potential shifting that might occur while you are training. They are flexible and the pre-curved design which helps the Shinguards stick to your leg and knee provide superior protection. This provides a comfortable and secure fit means that no matter if you are striking or blocking shots you will always have perfect protection.

Flexible and lightweight for unmatched mobility and protection. We wanted to cater to everyone and that's why we designed them with the perfect balance of striking and grappling Shinguards. The flexibility allows you to grapple in them but we have made sure there is enough padding so you won't injure yourself while sparring or training on a heavy bag.
Hayabusa's gear has always been built to last, and these are no different. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is unmatched and will always guarantee a Shinguard as strong as the athlete who's using it.

And as with all of our other equipment you can get the 100% grain leather version as well, the T3 Kanpeki Series.