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Hayabusa Fightwear is the only Brand in the world with dual wrist support for our gloves, this patented design allows us to provide you with the best possible hand and wrist protection on the market and lets you train harder and for longer. We sell a wide range of gloves such as bag glove, gloves for sparing and ones for MMA as well. Our bag and sparring gloves come available in 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz and we don't currently have it in our range at the moment but we have also sold 16oz+ previously. We offer several different sizes to allows you to pick the best possible gloves, so you can get the most out of your training. We also offer seven different colour options, these are all Black, Black/Grey, Black/Red, White/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green and finally Black/Purple.

All of our Boxing gloves also come with our sweat thumb, which allows you to quickly wipe away any sweat off of your face while you are training allowing you to focus on what you need to and carry on training. As well as the dual wrist support our gloves come with a 4-way built-in splint, in the back of them. You might not notice it but it's there, helping to keep your hand and wrist aligned and prevent any possible injuries.

We also sell 4oz gloves which are designed specifically for sparring and MMA, they to come with the same dual wrist support similar to our bigger gloves. Our unique 7oz Hybrid gloves, also have this feature. These are a mix between the 4oz and our larger gloves, they are perfect for MMA training, as you can still spar with your partner while having some extra padding to minimise injury from any hard blows and you can also practise your grappling.

The thing that sets Hayabusa products aside from others is the quality, our gloves will outlive other cheaper brands such as Venum and RDX, while also offering you the protection that they can not. The fact Hayabusa gloves cost more allows us to add more important features like our wrist support, sweat thumb, a 4-way splint and five layers of foam padding so you can punch as hard as you want without having to worry about injury. Truly the best gloves in any Universe.