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Here at Hayabusa we are constantly learning and our Ashi 3.0 Foot Grips are a prime example of this. We will be the first to admit our first attempt at making foot grips were not the best but we recognised this and made our changes and although our 2.0 version was good, something was still missing. We have now finally figured out what this missing ingredient was. SureGrip technology, this breakthrough has revolutionised our grips forever. This new technology delivers superior mat traction and will allow you to improve your takedowns, sprawls and stop you sliding everywhere on any wet mats, helping you get a step ahead of the competition.

Our Ankle Supports are simple and provide you with everything that you should expect from a great pair of supports. Keeping all of your joints warm while you train and providing that bit of extra support so you can practice your favourite moves without having to worry about your niggling injuries.