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Your feet are just as important as your hands so why wouldn't you want to protect them just as much? People will spend hundreds on a great pair of gloves and handwraps so doesn't it make sense to treat our feet the same way, and for a fraction of the price, that just seems like common sense.

Everyone sustains injuries to their ankles from time to time whether it's from running a little bit too much one weekend, landing that kick just wrong or having someone trying to pull your foot off in MMA we all get injuries. And while we may not be able to stop you from getting injured we can help you minimise your chances and give you a little bit of support for when you do.

We sell both foot grips and ankle supports. Our Ashi™ Foot Grips enhance your foot and ankle support, helping to prevent any injuries, while also improving your footwork speed, and agility. They let you get ahead of the competition because they have been designed with our breakthrough SureGrip™ technology. That means our foot grips can deliver superior mat traction, allowing you to go for those explosive takedowns and they even enhance your striking mechanics as you will have better balance.

Whereas our foot grips are more for performance are ankle supports are for function. They are simple and sleek and will check all of the boxes for you. They keep your joints warm and provide extra support so you can practice your favourite martial art at the highest level.