Hayabusa Captain Marvel Boxing Gloves

MARVEL® Hero Elite Series based on bestseller T3 Gloves. Limited Edition.

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Through the great sacrifice, Carol Danvers now serves as one of Earth’s mightiest heroes. The strong colours, lines, and design of the Captain Marvel glove will leave you feeling powerful.

These gloves were based on our bestseller T3 design. They offer you the same wrist support, hand protection and comfort that you are accustomed to with Hayabusa. Each of our Marvel gloves are based on a different character and so far we have 8 different option with The Punisher, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther and Captain Marvel. We have three new editions to the range which are Thor, The Hulk and Symbiote/Venom and some more which are currently in the works.

Our Marvel Hero Elite Boxing gloves all come in two different sizes, 12oz and 16oz and offer you unmatched wrist support and hand alignment through our patented DUAL-X closure system. This wrist support is not only unmatched but also unavailable from any other brand in the world, so if you want the best Boxing gloves you will have to come to the best brand.
• Industry-leading wrist support
• Versatile custom fit by Dual-X™
• Proprietary foam composition
• Ultra durable microfibre leather
• Odour-resistant antimicrobial lining
• Certificate of authenticity

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